Working Agile: How does it actually work?

Branddoctors' very first podcast is about one of the biggest trends in the workplace: agile working. A theme about which much has been said and written about, but above all a philosophy that is about daring, doing, experiencing and learning. The idea behind agile is simple: Through short, defined periods to a specific goal […]

Who am I?

It is clear that the care landscape in the Netherlands will change dramatically in the coming years. The way in which care will be provided in the future, the 'who, what and where' of care, will look very different. And that means that the care organizations themselves, including their appearance, will also change.

White paper Agile: Doing is the new thinking

Doing is the new thinking. Only when you are on the move do you discover what works. One way to get moving is to work agile. In this white paper we explain our vision on Agile work, and briefly describe 3 cases from Menzis, ABN Amro and Hologic.

Vacancy: Marketing Strategist (Medior + Senior)

Branddoctors are committed brand and innovation strategists who help our customers move forward into the future. We work on strategic solutions from a human perspective. Because technology makes change possible - and necessary - but people make the difference. Our goal is to bring movement to our customers. We do this by working closely with our clients, through the outside world […]

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