Hoera! The MakerLab will be at the Dutch Open Air Museum

It is regularly in the news that artisanal knowledge is in danger of disappearing. With the MakerLab, the Netherlands Open Air Museum wants the visitor to experience the value of craft skills for the manufacturing industry of the future by getting started themselves.

2 ways to accelerate organizational change with Lean Start-up

Reorganization is over, continuous learning and adapting the organization to the changing market is in. Traditional change programs take a lot of time and often do not lead to the desired result. The use of innovation methods such as the experimental learning from Lean Startup is a good alternative.

Experimenting in healthcare

Time and again it appears that it is difficult to realize innovations and changes in healthcare. Even though an innovation can contribute enormously to improving patient experience, outcome and efficiency, that does not mean that it has just been realized.

A strong brand as a weapon in the labor market

The big pitfall at Employer Branding is that you try to radiate something as an employer brand from HR, which is very relevant for potential employees, but which you cannot realize in practice.

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