New! The Branddoctors Book Club

Brand Doctors Book Club

There are plenty of interesting books. There is often less time to read them. The Branddoctors Book Club offers a solution.

Every 3 weeks on Monday we discuss the book we have read with a small group of people. Books that broaden your view, deepen a relevant field or offer methods & techniques. With a maximum of 8-10 Branddoctors and friends of Branddoctors, we deepen the subject with insights from each other's practice. Online, of course.

The first book club is held twice: on May 18 and May 25. In it we discuss 'The world is round' by Jo Caudron. Last week this book was declared Management Book of 2020. Your host is Mike Janssen. Read more about the first edition.

The second book club is June 8. In it we discuss Deep Democracy by Jitske Kramer. Your host is Claire de Nerée who not only read the book, but is also trained in the methodology. View the save the date.

If your subject is not listed, tip us! If you like to be surprised, keep an eye on our site. Before you know it, 3 weeks have passed and new topics have emerged. The investment is to purchase the book and read it. Participation costs nothing.

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to April 24, 2020

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