Everything around you goes fast, you have no time to lose. How do you ensure that the urge for action is not at the expense of quality? How do you ensure that this new service will really make a difference for customers?

Many organizations have started working agile to achieve this, but this is still not delivering enough results. The creativity of the new ideas is limited, the customer is still insufficiently involved and the new initiatives that arise are relatively small.

Branddoctors gives (agile) teams a kickstart in developing new services and products. We monitor customer relevance, bring sharpness in strategy and creative wealth in ideation.

We do this by:

Add agile experts to your teams for a number of sprints. A creative, researcher, strategist or combination accelerates and deepens your projects directly. Fire doctors are trained and experienced with various agile methodologies. And through our own 'Consuminded' community, customers are also seated directly at the table.

We work on the basis of Design Thinking. Working agile is reinforced with the ideas of Design Thinking. Focused on getting the problem clear, insight into customer needs and searching for a Product-Market fit. View our 'Rotterdam Make it happencase

Adding Lean Startup to Agile works. While marketers still rely a lot on traditional market research, we continue to add experimentation to validate and sharpen concepts. We collaborate with, for example, Firmhouse.

We train you in agile marketing. Our workshops are also training sessions. Because the more you can (ultimately) do yourself, the greater your clout. Knowledge transfer encourages us to innovate every year. And that increases our value. So win-win.

Branddoctors increases the chance of success in the market.
We work quickly and purposefully. In your rhythm.

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Published on
20 September 2017

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