The idea behind agile is simple: By working on a specific goal in short, defined periods, and continuously reflecting on the result to make adjustments where necessary, you can start speeding up. And that is necessary in a rapidly changing world anno 2019.

We speak Ludo Guns, Specialist Medici & Liberal Professions at ABN AMRO en Alex Griffioen, Regional Director at Heineken, about their experiences. But Hidde van Daalen, strategist at Branddoctors and certified product owner, also joins in and shares his vision.

Both Alex and Ludo talk about their search for the best way to use agile in their team. Both had to learn and experience what achievable goals are within a sprint, and what the rest of the organization can handle. How do you organize sprints optimally, and how do you ensure that stories be ambitious enough but still feasible? One lesson is clear: cut-and-paste work, that is certainly not agile.

We also talk about the desire to make speed. Because that seems to be the most important motivation behind agile philosophy. But the experiences of both ABN AMRO and Heineken show: with agile you take the time to go through (sub) projects step by step. Focus and deceleration sometimes seem to be the big drivers behind the gear.


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Published on
24 July 2019

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Lisette van Elst