You know them, those little books that you can easily put in your pocket or handbag. Handy for on vacation, or if you like to read lying on your side.

That booklet, the Dwarsligger, exists exactly 10 year today. And we are quite proud of that, because we have been able to help put that cross-book in the market.

Conceived by Hugo van Woerden, at the time director of the Jongbloed printing company, specialized in printing Bibles and hymns. To make good use of the presses that were already running, he developed something new. His idea was to make a new kind of book that would not close on its own, read easily and be easy to carry. The sleeper!

When the concept stood, Branddoctors developed various positioning routes and tested them in reading the Netherlands. They opted unanimously for the convenience of such a compact, really bound book. Because you put them in your bag so that you can read everywhere. Based on that insight, the winning route 'Packing and reading away' has emerged. The first copy of the Dwarsligger is 6 September 2009 presented by Herman Koch during the Manuscripta to Ronald Plasterk, then Minister of Education, Culture and Science.

Now, ten years later, such 500 titles are available. In the Netherlands and far beyond. From literary classics to blood-curdling thrillers and everything in between. Congratulations Dwarsligger! Looking forward to years of reading pleasure!

Netherlands, Amsterdam, Promotional material Ambo Anthos / Jongbloed-Dwarsligger, Photo: Mark Kohn

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Published on
6 September 2019

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Lisette van Elst