The headlines hit you with it, and with the recent collapse of the Slotervaart this has even been at the cradle of the bankruptcy: a dire shortage of 'own' staff.

One of the, or perhaps the biggest challenge in healthcare at the moment is the staffing. Hospitals, care organizations for the elderly and organizations for the disabled have been struggling for some time with the question of how they can provide care if insufficient people are available to provide that care.

En masse to self-employed

We learn from our customers that it is especially difficult to have sufficient specialized nursing staff at your disposal. Especially when you see that more and more employees are opting for a self-employed person instead of a permanent appointment. A construction that you see more often in hospitals in the OR and the IC. Partly because of this, people in the Erasmus MC ICU face the puzzle every day of which patients they can and cannot accept. Enough beds, but there is just not enough specialized nursing staff available to help everyone[1].

Personnel issues are also a major point of attention in elderly care and care for the disabled. Clients are increasingly confronted with more complex problems. To really understand this problem as a team and to be able to learn from it, continuity of the team is of great importance. These organizations benefit from as many fixed faces as possible and they cannot always achieve that at the moment[2].

A strong brand as a solution

Working on a strong brand is a good idea for many reasons. But what many organizations do not realize is that a clear and strong brand can play a very important role in recruiting and retaining staff. Your brand is the attractive face of your strategy. It is the ultimate summary of what you stand for as an organization and why people should enter into a relationship with your organization, not just as a customer. That applies at least as well to (potential) employees. To win and retain staff for you, it is important to formulate your brand positioning well and how this translates into daily activities. So that it is clear to staff why they should continue to choose your organization!

We recently did a project for a new care concept, the WijkKliniek in Amsterdam. A unique combination of hospital care and elderly care, which is provided outside the hospital. In advance they were quite concerned about the staffing. Well-specialized staff was the most important condition for getting started. Based on the positioning, we have clearly defined with those involved what the WijkKliniek stands for. This ultimately helped enormously in finding the right personnel in this complex market. Well before the opening of the District Clinic, the staffing was largely filled in. And the contract with the health insurer also ...

More information about this project for the WijkKliniek? Click here.

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Published on
February 11 2019

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