Delayed care and more remote care: What does that do to Dutch patients?

In collaboration with the Tergooi hospital in Hilversum and Blaricum, we examined the care during the lockdown. Have people shunned care? And have complaints been made worse by delayed care? Does it appear that people with a chronic need for care need fewer contact moments? How did the Dutch experience care during corona, and in particular care at a distance? What can we learn from that?

In the sixth episode of "How's the Netherlands?" we not only sketch a picture of the time, but we also try to see which lines we can draw towards the future. During corona, people, young and old, have faced more distant care. What advantages and disadvantages of remote care have they experienced? And to what extent are they open to this in the future? This report provides insight into opportunities for redesigning care pathways, partly remotely.

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"How's the Netherlands?" is a joint initiative of Branddoctors and With this initiative, we map out the changing needs and behaviors of the Dutch consumer during the corona crisis. With the aim to provide insight into the life of the 'quarantine consumer' in the short term, and to lay a foundation for value creation in the medium-long term.

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Published on
12 October 2020

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