It took some getting used to, but in this Corona time of staying home, everyone likes their way around. Working remotely makes us creative to meet online.

Programs such as Teams and Zoom provide for these meetings in a good way. And ultimately, nothing beats real human-to-human contact. That is what we like to do at Branddoctors: connecting.

That is why we introduce Culture for Breakfast.

A surprising insight into the doings of culture colleagues in these times. We put a person from the cultural sector in the spotlight: How do you deal with this time while your organization is closed? And how do you look forward to the moment when everything opens again? In this way we want to provide insight into each other's world. Because at the same time we ask burning questions from our guests to the Dutch public, the 'quarantine consumer'. This way we can learn from and inspire each other.


Published on
to April 13, 2020

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Lisette van Elst