Look in the kitchen, conversation at the table

From our research 'How is the Netherlands' (a collaboration between Branddoctors and Respondenten.nl) about eating and drinking behavior in times of corona, we see that our behavior is changing, and we are more at home and eat more at home. What does that mean for your product or brand? Time to reconnect with the consumer. And not just via social or via an action, but just real contact.

That is why we present: Look in the kitchen, conversation at the table. A compact process that gives you innovative insights into how eating and drinking behavior changes during corona, as a basis for new ideas and to focus your marketing strategy or product development. Learn and observe what your customer has for (new) uses, needs and wishes. By experiencing it yourself, you immediately include it in your daily work.

What about the process?

1. Kick-off

We start with a workshop in which we map out the wishes and expectations of your team or department. Do you have a concrete idea for a new product or strategy? What challenges or questions are there?

2. With the consumer

A look behind the scenes: gain insights

We watch live with the consumer while he / she cooks and ask questions, as if we were standing in their kitchen. What's going on in the kitchen? For example, do you see people defrost frozen products in creative ways, or that wraps are eaten cold? What tricks do parents come up with to get children to eat vegetables? Does verse play an important role? Is more alcohol being consumed? Is there more experimentation with more exciting recipes?

Discussion at the table: hear underlying motives and needs

Then we digitally watch with the household at the table where people will eat the dish, so that you can ask in-depth questions. What do people value more? How do they use your product more or differently? How do people deal with more eating moments at home instead of at the office? Which moments of the day have become more important now? Perhaps what used to be the lack of time to cook, is perhaps even more so now the lack of inspiration?

3. Insight session

We present the insights back and cluster the insights into market opportunities. What have we seen and heard? What are confirmations and surprises?

4. Innovation session (optional)

Do you want to start developing immediately? In a creative workshop we translate the insights into new propositions.

This approach gives you insight into what your consumer is doing, dreaming of or looking forward to. And do you have a good basis for your short and long-term strategy, or preparation for away days or annual plans for 2021.

Want to know what is in your consumer's pan or glass, and above all why? Or do you want more information about the costs? Fill in the contact form below to make an appointment with Bianca of Emilie and leave your telephone number and we will call you back.


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Published on
18 September 2020

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