Hoera! The MakerLab will be at the Dutch Open Air Museum

February 5, 2020 a day that the Open Air Museum no longer forgets so quickly because then the request for the MakerLab was granted during the Good Money Gala of the BankGiro Loterij.

It is regularly in the news that artisanal knowledge is in danger of disappearing. With the MakerLab, the Netherlands Open Air Museum wants the visitor to experience the value of craft skills for the manufacturing industry of the future by getting started themselves. A higher appreciation for crafts increases the chance that craft skills are passed on to the next generation so that the innovative power is retained.

Closer to history than ever.

The position of the Netherlands Open Air Museum is 'Closer to history than ever' with the pay-off 'Here you make history'. And that is exactly what you can do there. The crafts are already well reflected within the park. There is a blacksmith who makes tools, nails and hinges and locks. Paper is shoveled, flax spun and wood is processed.

In the MakerLab we bring those craft skills to the present by letting a larger audience get to work with manufacturing techniques. With a modern application, so that they experience for themselves what is possible in the here and now and so that the end products receive current shine and relevance.

But they also show how digitization is giving a new interpretation to contemporary techniques in the present time. The Dutch Open Air Museum, for example, connects the old craft presentations at the museum park with an interactive creative site. A bustling melting pot where making, enjoying and learning go hand in hand.

A glimpse into the future

We have helped the Netherlands Open Air Museum to shape the application by giving a glimpse into what is possible and how that could be propagated in communication. With the award, more than 20.000 museum visitors per year will experience the crafts. In this way, the Netherlands Open Air Museum brings history closer than ever.


Published on
13 February 2020

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Lisette van Elst