Podcast: The right care in the right place

Organizing our healthcare landscape differently and organizing healthcare better - and closer to the patient - is necessary, because the pressure in healthcare is increasing. Not only because we are aging as a population, but also because we are aging on an individual level.

In this podcast we speak to two of these pioneers who have made the move from second direction to first line within the care for the elderly. They can tell us from their experience what it takes to make that movement.

We speak with Bianca Neighbor, professor of acute care for the elderly and the person who founded the WijkKliniek, a collaboration between Cordaan and the AMC and Esther Bertolet, former general practitioner and specialist in geriatric medicine who set up the first independent practice geriatric medicine in primary care. Even before the outline agreement was signed in 2018, they made the move to primary care and share their experiences with us.

But also Mike Janssen, Managing Partner at Branddoctors and healthcare specialist, sits down and shares his view of what is needed to make this movement successful.


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Published on
March 27 2020

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