A two-day training proposition development, especially for cultural organizations

Branddoctors presents: a two-day training proposition development, especially for cultural organizations.

The program looks like this:

  1. Determining objectives and demarcating target group: what do we want to achieve with the proposition, and who do we want to achieve?
  2. ideation: We generate ideas based on existing knowledge and trends, using various creative methodologies.
  3. Develop value propositions: We work the ideas based on our value proposition format in groups. What is the customer insight with this idea, what promise do we make and what is and the proof: how exactly does it work and why should visitors believe it?
  4. Validate with the target audience: We then test the concepts with the target group. To what extent does the target group find the concepts attractive? We fine-tune the propositions based on the feedback.
  5. Pitching: We pitch the developed propositions to each other and give each other feedback.
  6. Ready for launch: At the end of the two-day training, validated concrete propositions are ready to be put on the market. 

Good luck at the Van Gogh
Last June (2020), we trained the Van Gogh Museum's marketing team in developing attractive propositions for various Dutch target groups. The question was: how do we draw the Dutch visitors to the Van Gogh Museum?

“During the training, we developed various idiosyncratic propositions that match our brand values ​​and the needs of the target groups. The training refreshes your basic knowledge, gives you concrete and creative tools, and helps you to put the plan on the map internally. Within a few weeks our Family Proposition was up ready for launch. The result: a great sense of ownership and an increase in the share of families within our Dutch ticket sales. ”

Carolien Gruintjes, senior Marketing Advisor Van Gogh Museum

What have we done?
In a marketing workshop (digitally via Microsoft Teams) we examined the target group (various marketing studies and analyzes). After the introduction of the theory, we immediately set to work in pairs to develop propositions through insight, promise, evidence.

All concepts from the training have been further developed into propositions and will be launched in the course of this year. One of the propositions, the family proposition, was put on the market within 2 weeks. Read here the entire case of the Van Gogh Museum.

We asked Corinne Jongh, Brand Manager of the Van Gogh Museum, why she would recommend this training.

“It helps you to define (latent) needs and barriers. It forces you to look in from the outside and to put yourself in the position of the target group. This way you create really relevant propositions. Besides the fact that the team has experienced how important it is to always start with the target group, it also very quickly led to a good end product: relevant propositions. ”

Corinne Jongh, Brand Manager Van Gogh Museum

Do you also want to work with your organization or team and develop relevant propositions? Please contact Bianca van Zwol (bianca@branddoctors.com) or Emilie Admiraal (emilie@branddoctors.com).

Would you like to participate in this training individually? Which can. With sufficient individual registrations, we will set a date to give the training to a composite group of participants.

Culture proposition training

Published on
February 2 2021

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