White paper Agile: Doing is the new thinking

Only when you are on the move do you discover what works. Agile replaces a blueprint about how to get somewhere by taking small steps each time. We build the bridge while we walk over it. In this way we respond lightly to the things we learn. The human challenge is to suppress the tendency to perfection. If you explore and look for boundaries, you make mistakes. You can't do that alone, you have to. Otherwise you will learn nothing.

It is a way to get moving - and stay that way applying Agile techniques, for example from Scrum and Lean startup, but also think of the Design Sprints from Google Ventures. We now have several years of experience from Branddoctors. We want to share our mistakes and learning moments with you through this way.

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It is a living document. We occasionally supplement it with new insights. From our own experience, or perhaps yours. It is our experience or vision, it does not pretend to be the truth. We also try not to be complete, then you better buy a book.

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