The right care in the right place. This is a government program aimed at preventing (more expensive) care, relocating care (closer to people at home) and replacing care (with other care such as e-health). It is clear that the care landscape in the Netherlands will change dramatically in the coming years. The way in which care will be provided in the future, the 'who, what and where' of care, will look very different. And that means that the care organizations themselves, including their appearance, will also change.

People often do not see the brand separately from your physical appearance.

At Branddoctors Mixe we regularly do positioning projects for healthcare organizations. It is striking that if we ask patients and other stakeholders about their associations with, for example, a particular hospital, they almost always first name the building and location. Then they say things like: "a large building in a wooded area" or "modern building in the middle of the city". People often do not see the brand apart from that physical appearance. And that is understandable since the physical appearance is the easiest to name. These are, after all, the striking, objective characteristics that immediately come to mind when the brand is mentioned.

But what if you are no longer a hospital where people stay, but more a production facility where operations are performed and where aftercare is delivered close to home or even at home instead of in the hospital? Or when as a physiotherapist you no longer deliver physiotherapy from the health center and have patients do exercises at home under your remote supervision?

What are you if your appearance changes completely?

Who am I? As a result of the changes in healthcare, healthcare organizations will increasingly ask themselves this existential question. Realizing that it is less and less about the physical appearance, such as the building from which you provide the care, but about the way in which you provide the care. And from what belief you do that. What do you want to mean for your main target groups? What can you do like no other? In short: in order to answer that existential question, care organizations will have to search for their essence.

And that, looking for that essence, is exactly what you do when you get started with formulating a brand positioning. Your brand positioning is at the intersection of your identity, what your target groups find important and what sets you apart from others. In all those years that we have helped healthcare organizations formulate their distinctive brand story, we have actually been busy with nothing but seeking the answer to that one existential question: who am I?

A clear brand positioning, which really well reflects the essence of an organization, makes clear why a patient, a health insurance company, an employee or a cooperation partner should choose you. A brand helps give direction to your organization: to the choices that an organization has to make, to the way in which you communicate to the outside world and to your employees, who express the soul of the organization in attitude and behavior. So that you as a care organization are and remain recognizable, also in the future. Even without physical appearance.

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Published on
2 July 2019

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