Attention to owners and directors! The shortage on the labor market will increase further in 2020 and competition around you will become stronger. You simply have competitors that are cooler: They are digital-by-design, have an inspiring purpose, a young-talent program, have been working agile for years and they are jealously strong on social media, so that employees and customers walk away with them.

The game is on.

6 motives to invest in your brand right now

Let me be honest: Becoming a cool brand takes time and money and has the guts to do things differently. Perseverance. When is it worth it?
I have looked at our projects from 2019 and there I get these 6 motives from our customers to get started with their brand:

1. The customer lost sight of
This is especially true with the larger service companies, often sales-driven organizations. They see that their right to exist is under pressure and that creating customer value is the way to growth. This requires new competencies and a new story for your customers.

2. Not inspiring for employees and new talent
This is true everywhere, but especially in healthcare and education. Sometimes there is absence, often large numbers of vacancies. There is a need for new inspiration and energy, so that employees want to connect with your organization.

3. New propositions do not get off the ground
What is our response to social trends: sustainability, aging, greening, digitization, millennialization? Sticking a new label on an old product does not do the trick. Your customer punishes that mercilessly: not credible. Time to redefine your role in the world.

4. Identity crisis
Has there been a merger or acquisition? Multiple blood groups within an organization makes cooperation difficult and gives a diffuse image to the outside world. Or have you lost sight of your own identity, have you become more like your competitors? Put a new line on the horizon together.

5. We stand still
Particularly in companies where profits are still falling against the skirting boards, it is difficult to move. You want to innovate, become more customer-oriented, work agile, but how do you start? How do you start a movement?

6. Growing pain
This is great: It just works great, customers are satisfied, employees are enjoying themselves. You are overflowing with ideas, but the old story no longer fits. What are you doing…? Right!

Everyone wants to become Coolblue

Ikea used to be the example of a great company, now everyone wants to be like Coolblue. Recognizable, successful, cool. They do it so well that the brand experience seems almost unattainable for other brands.

The bad news: it is hard work and you will have to tackle a number of things differently than you have done in the last 10, 20, 30 years.
The good news: You can become a Coolblue.

And why not?

How do you become a cool brand in 2020?

There is no golden bullet, but there is a common thread: Cool brands have a keen idea of ​​their right to exist, know where they come from, and what they want to be in the future. They know what value they want to create for their customers and that is inspiring for their employees.
And they have a cast-iron consistency in their services. Whether with a smile - always a good idea - or in your own way, as long as it's your way. And make it cool!

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Published on
January 7 2020

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