There is a good chance that you or your marketeers are going on holiday in the coming period. Is the work still or do patients, clients or residents keep coming and going? A care organization does not have a holiday, care always continues. That is why we would like to visit you during this summer (or during your absence).

Looking inside? Social innovation!

We have been observing patients and clients in their customer journey for years. How does someone arrive, is the routing clear, what are the most valuable moments of care and what do people have the most difficulty with? We believe in people-oriented care in which not only the patient, client or resident but also his relatives and the care professional are central. After all, care is interaction. Organizing this interaction not only as efficiently as possible but also as humanly as possible is what makes us warm. Adapting or redesigning existing working methods and existing business processes (in small steps) from a people-oriented perspective is what we call social innovation.

Summer guest over the floor?

Call us the mystery shopper in healthcare who walks around in your department to spot gems and areas for improvement, and writes an insight and plan of action. This way you can get to work rested and ready to achieve concrete results after your vacation.

For € 2500, - you can start immediately after the summer. A visit from our summer guests consists of 1,5 day observation and a detailed report. This offer applies to the entire summer vacation.

Interested? Please contact or call + 31306026000

Published on
23 July 2018

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Lisette van Elst