Many organizations switch to agile working. An important step to respond faster and more effectively to the outside world, so that you remain relevant. But with training people, putting up whiteboards and implementing standups you are not there. We see that in many organizations the rigid introduction of methodologies surpasses the four most important pillars of agile work.

Pillars of agile works

Agile working is all about stimulating individuals and interaction, continuously involving the outside world, emphasizing what works in practice and responding to changes. To really get this started, people need to learn new skills and work together in a different way.

Strengthen from within

Branddoctors reinforces agile teams of customers from within. We participate in agile teams, where on the one hand we are part of the team and therefore contribute to the assignment of the team and on the other hand we train the team members to better fit the agile principles. And where necessary give advice on how the organization can further stimulate this. We work on the basis of the design thinking mindset, which seamlessly integrates with agile working and increases the creativity of teams, so that you are more innovative and come to better solutions.

Expertise that we bring:

  • Continuous customer involvement: obtaining clear customer insights and validating the solutions based on actual behavior instead of intention
  • Focus on what works in practice: designing prototypes and (online) experimentation to identify actual behavior, with a focus on learning.
  • Encourage individuals and interaction: We train teams in the design thinking mindset, which helps people make better use of their talent, get the most out of mutual interaction and use tools and techniques more effectively.
  • Responding to changes: we take the business model canvas as a starting point and use it throughout the project to formulate clear assumptions and test them in order to constantly review and refine the developed solutions.

Branddoctors also bring expertise in the field of brand strategy and innovation. Fire doctors can play the role of product owner, agile coach, marketing insights expert of team member fulfill.

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