For Brand Doctors and
friends of Branddoctors

We call ourselves strategists, but what exactly is strategy? We build brands, plan cultures and set changes in motion, but on what theoretical basis do we do that? We are marketers, but how do we keep up to date with the latest insights?

Time for a book club. Online.

You can take books widely. It can also be a carefully compiled collection of articles or a must-see documentary.

The idea is that Branddoctors and friends of Branddoctors will read the selected book and discuss and deepen it based on practice. By involving customers and relations, there is even more depth on the subject and it is a stick for us to really read the book completely… It is precisely for these two aspects that customers appreciated the earlier analog editions of the Boekenclub.

How it works

The Branddoctors Boekenclub takes place every three weeks, on Monday afternoons from 16 to 17.30 pm. The book is selected by the host. Anyone can submit suggestions for topics. The host is a Branddoctor, but could just as well be a friend of Branddoctors. Expertise and enthusiasm on the subject are the main criteria.

We choose books from one of three categories:

  1. Widen the view
    Think of books that make us look at the world differently, such as Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari or The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly
  2. Deepen subject areas
    Think of reference works and articles with the latest insights in the field of brands, strategy, organizational development, leadership and marketing
  3. Howto: methods & techniques
    Think for example of innovation methods such as Lean Start-up and techniques to get more out of people, such as Deep Democracy and creativity techniques.

Sign Up?

We are an occasional book club. This means that you check per book whether you want to participate or not. You can register on the page of the book.

Please register consciously, because we only have room for a maximum of 8-10 people to have an in-depth discussion. The only hard rule is that you can only participate if you have actually read the book. Scanning is not enough…

After you are confirmed, you buy the book. A week before the Book Club, the host will send you a number of in-depth questions.

That's it. Be welcome!