Book Club # 5: People's work

Book: Human work (, management book)
Categories: Deepening the field
Monday, September 21, 2020 - 16.00 pm-17.30pm
Heidi Wielens
Attendees: Up to 10
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Human connection as a success factor

The core of this book is that connection with people the new standard is for successful companies. Human Work was written by two media leaders who experienced the digital disruption up close. They had to fundamentally adapt their organization to survive. And discovered that the main success factor was not technology, but the connection between people inside and outside the organization.

A handy, personal and above all practical applicable book

In the book, the authors describe an adventurous journey in which they took employees to the next level and built lasting customer relationships. Not only do they share their experiences, they also share insights from the literature that put them on the right track and the tools they used. They look at:

  1. Developing a culture based on a mission and attention to all needs of stakeholders;
  2. Finding and involving the right people;
  3. Finding the right customers and improving the relationship with customers.

In other words: An interesting book for every manager or advisor who wants to be ready for the future. In the summer, read this book and discuss on September 21! 

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