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With the sand still between your toes and renewed energy, you must have thought about what you really want to do differently. In the summer must-read book club we have selected two books that give you insight and perhaps a big stick to put your words into action. Read one of the two books and receive an interesting discussion with colleagues on 16 September!

Book 1: Stop. Stop strategy for organizations

Superfluous rules, innovations that are never realized, meetings that are only held because they are held. No organization seems to be able to escape it: things that yield nothing but cost a lot of energy and money. And yet we continue. In the book Stop. the author Marije van den Berg takes us in five clear steps to stop properly. Because let's face it: why don't we just stop doing something that doesn't work?

We all learn as children that you don't stop, that you finish what you started. In this book Marije lovingly confronts you with the question why quitting is valuable waardevol

Read the book Stop. and get inspired to stop after the summer!

Book 2: Switch. Dare to change when change is difficult

We all know it's hard to change. It takes a lot of time and we often give up at the first setback. But why do we see the bears on the road and not the destination? This is the question Chip and Dan Heath answer in this fascinating book. The writers use the analogy of an Elephant (the human emotions), its Rider (the ratio) and the Path to follow (the situation or environment). Because: we only need to understand how our brains work to realize rapid changes in our behavior.

I thought I knew the psyche of man well, but this book gives you tools for change in a different way

Read the book Switch and get tools for a successful change.

Do I have to read both books?

You can, but you don't have to (a book is enough). The books are a source of inspiration for the discussion on 16 September about change, stopping and a new course! So, put one of these books in your beach bag and share your findings with professionals after the holidays.


September 16, from 16.00-17.00pm, via Microsoft Teams

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