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Distilling really sharp insights from a huge amount of data at ABN AMRO

I knew fire doctors from my Aegon days. I had a training there that was provided by Heidi. And my wife worked a lot with Branddoctors in her time at KPN. Moreover, ABN AMRO already regularly cooperated with Branddoctors. In short, enough lines.

How do we translate insights into a promise that is relevant to our customers

So when I came back to ABN AMRO Market & Segment Development and noticed that we could use some help I have Heidi called. After all, we needed reinforcement to distil really sharp insights from the enormous amount of data that we gathered from customer interviews and desk research. Branddoctors can unravel those insights like no other. Where are the contradictions? Where the tensions?

And how do we translate these insights into a promise that is relevant to customers? By establishing a solid foundation in this first phase of our Design Thinking process (the problem space), we can devise more focused ideas and experiment in the second phase (the solution space) towards a proposition.

Less risk from Agile team

For each proposition we now form a separate one agile team that the principles of Design Thinking should bring us closer to a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). In addition to Design Thinking, we also use Lean Start-up and Agile to get propositions to the market better, faster and with less risk. And with less risk I mean: so well validated that we don't have to spend a lot of money without convincing evidence.

First the insights sharp

Ultimately, that is also much more efficient. Not necessarily in the sense of faster or cheaper, but especially in the sense of better. Because in this way you ensure that you get an insight that actually connects to the problem you are having. Too often I see that a solution has been found that people want to get to work immediately, before there are good insights. Then it is not correct.

Brand doctors help us to get those insights sharp. You just need it to find a solution that is really relevant in the lives of our customers. From this way of working, the very first proposition that we now have live has been created, regarding sustainability.

Just pretend it really exists

If you look at the common thread throughout my career, I am always trying to shape something that is not yet there. New products, new concepts, new propositions, I really enjoy giving shape to that which is not there yet.

My best MVP is that I pretend I have written a book. I then present the cover, and let people read the summary on the back. If they say on that basis that they want to buy the book, then I can start writing it. In the shop window I can pretend that the product is already there, but at the back I have to fill in the product, the book in this case. If I get the feeling that I am fulfilling a need and that people actually want to pay for it, then I can start making the product. That's how we want to do it, I really see that development.

The right qualitative insights

Branddoctors are incredibly well-trained marketers who are incredibly good at bringing out qualitative insights. What I challenge Branddoctors is to also develop in particular in the solution space. Or perhaps to be able to see from a network of people how you can not only make an insight, but also contribute to the solution. Even more experiment direction and building an MVP. Then validate that solution and actually put it on the market. Then the cooperation circle is really complete!

Rogier Nieuwkamp, ​​Head of Experiments & Projects at ABN AMRO

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Published on
1 February 2017

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