ABN AMRO: Accelerated renewal of the bank for doctors

ABN AMRO is busy. Busy with the digital transformation, with customer-oriented innovation, with sustainability, with the change to an agile organization. Branddoctors regularly contributes.

In the 'Medisch 2.0' project, our added value is evident: knowledge of the medical world, from developing propositions and customer journeys, and van agile to work. Also read this earlier interview about our role.

The challenge: towards new propositions and integrated customer service

ABN AMRO is known as the bank for doctors. For the business side this is well worked out, but which propositions, and which integral customer service, fit the needs of doctors in their private situation, so that attractiveness in a broader sense improves?


  • Validated in a short time service blueprint to make
  • Closely involving doctors with a busy schedule
  • Agile work in a team with limited agile experience
  • Filling in the role of product owner by Branddoctors
  • Wide involvement of the internal organization with a view to execution

Method: Pragmatic and a great focus on the content

This project has been picked up by Bette Bakker (consultant) and Gijsbert Croes (partner) in the role of voice-of-customer specialist and product owner, also agile coach. That combination of PO and coach is officially unwise, but can be done in practice as long as you keep the goal in mind. That pragmatism, playing with rules of the process and a great focus on the content; that is typical Branddoctors.

The result is online

In a multidisciplinary team we sprint from medical 4 to 1.0 in 2.0 months, with a deep understanding of the medical customer, a number of new pr, and a blueprint for the 2.0 organization. Validated internally and externally and now under construction. The ABN AMRO project team has been strengthened from the inside out and is busy with execution. Check: www.abnamro.nl/medici

Want to know more?

Make an appointment with Gijsbert Croes at gijs@branddoctors.com or via Ellen: +030.

Published on
to April 17, 2019

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Saskia Beijersbergen, Business Expert Advice at ABN Amro about the project:

“Multidisciplinary working should be a way of working anytime, anywhere. Due to the diversity in knowledge, experience and personalities, you quickly get to the core and quickly achieve a well-thought-out result. ”

The interviews with the customers were great to do. Nice to first work on the composition of the script and then start the conversations. What I find most helpful in these conversations is the willingness of customers to share what they need in their financial lives and how we as a sector can contribute to this. The openness and willingness surprised me. There is really a proposition in which I see the input from the customer. ”

Ludo Guns, Specialist Medical & Free Professions and DGAs (2019) about the project:

“Working in a multidisciplinary team enriches your knowledge. There is thought from different angles and knowledge is brought in so that you can come to a complete proposition.

Brand doctors dare to ask questions and make interventions that colleagues will hardly do among themselves.

I dare say that thanks to your presence, the speed and quality have remained in this project! ”


Bette Bakker

Managing partner

Gijsbert Croes