Infiltrating the company, that is where Branddoctors' strength lies

'We break the rules for you', the new positioning of Apollo Hotels

I already knew Branddoctors from a few years ago and back then I was enthusiastic about them. As an organization, we were not ready for a positioning process at that time. Two years ago, we decided to invest in the name Apollo Hotels and also to rebrand. I didn't hesitate and called Branddoctors.

Apollo Hotels was created by merging seven separate hotels with their own name, identity and soul. The enormous entrepreneurship of the individual directors and the drive to make it one strong brand were unifying.

Does not exist does not exist

But what is distinctive in an industry that is increasingly devoted to perception concepts? An overnight stay in a beautiful hotel, where you can also enjoy good food, is no longer enough, no everything has to be right and a total experience. The guest will therefore become even more central. Let's all go the extra mile for that: the guest.

Does not exist does not exist. This mentality can be felt within Apollo. This is how our positioning 'We break the rules for you' was created. A challenging positioning that only works if you deliver on all fronts. Brand doctors really assisted us in this from scratch. They are capable to crawl into the customer's skin and showing the complete picture and the steps needed to get there. But also to guide the entire process at all levels. They involved our employees and our guests, which not only created an inside out story, but an outside in vision.

And because we continue to involve our guests, our positioning is a living document and continues to develop. In addition to specific signature experience concepts such as the Bierfabriek, Floor17 and Harbor Club, we have developed keys: Services that really distinguish ourselves and what the guest needs. And that's why we dare to claim the bold guarantee 'You'll be back'.

Occasionally that tap on the shoulder

Now that our last, now 13th hotel has been rebranded, we are certainly not sitting still: Our Middle management days were supervised by Branddoctors. Among other things, they inspire with a dragons den and 'spaghetti challenge' to develop new experience concepts together with our employees and guests. To continue to surprise our guests in the future. And then every now and then we get a tap on the shoulder: 'we break the rules for YOU'. We need that external voice for focus. There is trust and we listen carefully.

We really have the Apollo DNA now. The moment that Fire doctors that made visual it was an instant hit. Even in the visual identity they managed to put our guest at the center: visible in the recess of the A of Apollo. 'Infiltrating' into the company, that is the strength of Branddoctors. Do not think of something for the customer, but get into the skin of the customer. Indolently involved. A successful process, thanks in part to their efforts and Bianca van Zwol as our contact person in particular! Incidentally, still a satisfied customer.

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to April 10, 2018

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