How do we offer a great visitor experience to as many Van Gogh Museum visitors as possible?

The ears and eyes of the Van Gogh Museum during the lockdown

It opened on June 1 Van Gogh Museum her doors again after a period of corona closure. Brand doctors guided the museum in the four weeks after the reopening under the name “the ears of eyes of the Van Gogh Museum” and published this case.

It was exciting for the entire museum world how the reopening of museums would run from 1 June. How would visitors react? Which bottlenecks would we encounter? Can we scale up quickly?

The goal for June:

How do we offer as many visitors to the Van Gogh Museum as possible a great visitor experience?

This includes 2 subgoals: (1) upscaling the number of visitors and (2) providing a great experience. It made sense to start from the 2nd goal. And already in week 1 it turned out that the experience was good and so we were able to scale up.

Download the Van Gogh Museum case

15 pages with:

  • Concrete working method and team composition of the 'ears and eyes' team
  • Insight into the developments from day to day
  • Development of propositions, including the 'Summer holidays Family days'
  • Value of multidisciplinary and agile working in the culture sector

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Published on
July 21, 2020

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