Case CWZ: Participate yourself to get to know the underlying needs of patients

The patient journey as a basis for improving care programs at Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital

Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital (CWZ) wants to make a difference by making care personal. So that patients experience the care provided as more complete, value it higher and thereby increase their preference for CWZ. CWZ asked Mixe to help design a distinctive program patient experiences to put down.

Participate yourself to get to know the deeper needs of patients

With an enthusiastic team of care providers, Mixe examined 2 care trajectories (Rectal blood loss and Total Knee Prosthesis). The care providers involved were themselves run along with patients during part of the process. In this way they were able to see with their own eyes where the deeper needs of patients lie and where there are opportunities for surprising elements. After 2 care processes, the CWZ itself started working on a process (SEH). Mixe acted as a coach and sparring partner.

Not only come up with creative ideas, but also do it yourself!

The Customer Journey and associated insights that we have gained during this process form the basis for a wide range of innovative ideas that have been devised to improve these 3 care processes. Together they contribute to the memorable patient experiences that CWZ is now able to create.

Our approach shows that participants not only generate great insights and come up with creative ideas, but also want to roll up their sleeves straight away. And do that too! An important other goal has also been achieved through this design: after 3 care programs, CWZ project leaders are now able to facilitate such programs themselves. This project is therefore an excellent catalyst for sustainable change.


Published on
January 3 2017

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