During the selection process, Branddoctors Mixe already gave the feeling of trust and integrity

Thanks to the new positioning of Daelzicht, employees are proud again

When I entered Daelzicht, there was a need for a clear story. One that concisely describes what Daelzicht stands for and why employees and (family of) clients should choose Daelzicht.

A clear story

After a few turbulent years, that was unfortunately not so clear at all. People no longer recognized the organization very well and a sense of pride was missing. Unfortunately, in previous processes where steps were taken in this area, the needs within the organization and the vulnerability of the various target groups were not always sufficiently taken into account.

To help us shape this story, we have invited a number of agencies to explain how they would approach this. Because it was quite a sensitive subject, we set up a selection committee with a broad representation from within the organization. Already during this selection process, Branddoctors gave us a sense of confidence, necessary to successfully complete this assignment. No big stories, but stories that are close by and come from the organization itself.

Daelzicht. You will be seen there

You have proven that this feeling was justified during the process. Your respectful and honest approach has been an important precondition for collecting the necessary ingredients for the story of Daelzicht from all different target groups. You really cannot get that information out of the blue. This requires a specific setting. And that you have managed to put it down is clear.

The story is recognized. On all fronts. And at all levels. It is a story we support and what we dare to announce in a modest way. Daelzicht. You will be seen there. In all simplicity, that is really a wonderful sentence. It makes it clear that you matter. Clients, relatives, employees. Everything and everyone around it.

A feeling of pride

We are now half a year further. We tested the story. People recognize the sentence and have a good feeling about it. Also a sense of pride. We are not there yet, we still have a lot of steps to take to really embed it. But the good start is certainly there for the strategic rollout. For each subject of the strategy we ask ourselves the question: what does it contribute to our story? The story of Daelzicht is the central starting point.


Published on
1 August 2017

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