Case And a new contemporary logo with respect for what has been built up over the years

A recognizable, fresh and contemporary identity for

We were asked to take a fresh look at the current identity of And to develop a new contemporary logo with respect and recognition for what has been built up over the years. An identity with clear guidelines, but with sufficient freedom for interpretation to various communication media. foundation for education and society

Since 2007, the foundation has ensured that the canon of Dutch history is known and used in education and in society. Dutch history is articulated and depicted in 50 windows. The website has been in use since 2014 managed from the Netherlands Open Air Museum.

A combination of strengths from the past and the developments of the future

At Branddoctors, a visual identity always starts at the roots of an organization. What is the history, right of existence of the brand or label. With respect for what has been developed over the years, we look together with the customer to see which strengths we retain. To start the development from there to the present.

Together with the designers of The Real Work we have linked a combination of what is strong from the past to developments for the future. And this has led to a recognizable, fresh and contemporary identity.


Published on
January 23 2019

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