From the average best treatment, to the best treatment for you

Brand positioning that offers perspective for the Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital

The merger between the TweeSteden Hospital and the St. Elisabeth Hospital is the reason and the following question from the employees in particular: 'What kind of hospital will we be?

The best of both houses as a starting point

The two hospitals each had their own profile; would it be one of the two or a joint? And what are we going to promise the patient? Together with colleagues, patients, general practitioners and insurers, we have one positioning chosen with a matching communication concept. The search looked at the best of both houses: not something completely new, but something that matches what the houses were already proud of, where there were similarities and which offers a joint perspective for the merged hospital.

From the average best treatment, to the best treatment for you

Everyone looks pretty much the same inside. But one patient is not the other. It is our ambition to provide the very best care. But really the best care is care tailored to you. In conversation with you. About what you think, think and feel. Because we may be the medical experts, only you are the you expert. This way, the best care will become even better with you.

Everything revolves around what the patient finds, wants and can do. Which treatment options best suit the social environment and other personal characteristics of the patient? There are different options at different times before, during and after their treatment process.

This varies from a means of communication that helps the patient to enter a conversation in the treatment room prepared (forget-me-nots) to the choices you have in the treatment of breast cancer: the same type of breast cancer can be different for two different people treatment process, linked to what is important and possible for the patient.

The patients have a crucial place in the campaign

This campaign is special because the ETZ has made the participation of patients, insurers and GPs about the positioning direction decisive in the final choice of direction. They even applied what the hospital propagates (focused on the person) in the positioning process. The patients even have a crucial place in the campaign: in the campaign the models are patients (and employees) of the ETZ.

See also: The case for AMC & Cordaan: De Wijkkliniek about the project during a 3-week sprint project in which we deepened the concept of the Neighborhood Hospital together with Cordaan. The aim was to make it more tangible and relevant through co-creation with patients, family and healthcare professionals.


Published on
1 September 2016

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