Case Fellowmind: A vision and positioning in which people are central

Fellowmind: Brand strategy and culture development for a fast growing IT company

The collaboration between Branddoctors and Fellowmind started in 2018. At that time, the company, which specializes in digitizing business processes based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, had around 400 employees.

More than a year and a half later, after recent mergers in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, the counter stands at more than 1.250 people and the end of the international expansion is not yet in sight. How do you build a brand culture that everyone feels a part of, with 18 locations in 5 countries? And how do you make the real distinction in the market?

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A vision and positioning in which people are central

Branddoctors set to work with the international management team and spoke to employees and customers. It soon became clear that this is an IT company with a special culture. People are really at the heart of business operations, and technology is only a means, not an end.

With 'Meaningful Connections' an ambitious vision was formulated that assumes that technology is ultimately intended to create time and space for valuable and meaningful relationships with people within and outside organizations, employees and customers. This is a different sound to say the least in a highly technology-driven IT landscape.

Within the company, enthusiasm is central, based on a sacred conviction that if people can flourish, the business will also flourish.

Better serve and bind customers, with digital technology

The digital technology that Fellowmind uses for its clients aims to better serve and bind customers externally, and to empower employees on the inside. This is only possible if operational processes are more efficient and more controllable. And by putting data at the heart of total business operations, opportunities for innovation arise: new propositions and data-driven business models.

In Fellowmind's people-centric culture, values ​​such as courage, honesty and vulnerability fit as well as sharing fun and ambition. These concepts are summarized in four cultural values ​​that are recognizable and directional for what Fellowmind wants to stand for, internally and externally.

Making the unique corporate culture tangible and shareable

In close collaboration with design agency NoSuch, responsible for the new Visual Identity, a Brand Culture Book was subsequently developed in which brand, strategy and corporate culture are made tangible in the form of seven principles. An approach in which the externally oriented Brand Document and the more internally oriented 'Culture Deck' merge.

Gert Jansen, Group Marketing Manager Fellowmind, about the collaboration with Branddoctors

“It is amazing how quickly the Branddoctors team has mastered the dynamics of our organization and the complexity of our sector. The urge to really want to understand a subject ensures that the result is better and, above all, is widely supported by the organization. ”

This means that the intended brand culture is not laid down in the form of static guidelines, but as an inspiring invitation to current and future employees, to contribute themselves and build on the Fellow mindset. Within the company, it has become common to address each other as 'Fellows' and cultural values ​​such as 'Better together' or 'Serious about Fun' have become popular hashtags on Social Media expressions of employees, instead of imposed brand values.

The Brand Culture Book is personalized for everyone and directly linked to a digital environment, in which employees can find themselves and determine their own color in the greater cohesion of the group.

“Working together on our vision, proposition and brand feels like a journey that we have taken together. I am convinced that we will continue to work out many more elaborations and in-depth work together in the future. ”


Published on
May 6, 2020

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