Case Future of WUR: From a dot on the horizon to concrete plans

Future of WUR: From dot on the horizon to concrete plans

How do we map out which challenges and opportunities arise as a result of the disruptive developments in the education market? What is the vision of where the market is moving?

How do we translate that dot on the horizon into concrete plans to get started tomorrow, for the university as a whole and for marketing and study information? With those questions came up Wageningen University and Research (WUR) at Branddoctors.

From disruptive developments to impact

Together with the WUR marketing team, we delved into the global macro trends: globalization, digitization, urbanization, climate change, demographic changes. As a first step, we jointly mapped out the impact of these macro trends on the WUR education business model. We then zoomed in on the opportunities and challenges that this entails.

Due to globalization, there is a strong increase in (international) prospective students. That's an opportunity. At the same time, competition from all kinds of international parties is also increasing. This is a challenge.

From impact to plan

We then mapped out the impact on marketing and study information. We formulated a meaningful response for each theme for marketing and study information. An example:

To be able to see the forest through the trees, the prospective students need objective comparisons using rankings. Marketing and study information will therefore have to pay more and more attention to rankings in response.

All these responses together form the pillars for the five-year strategy of marketing and study information. As a final step, we fleshed out these pillars for the coming year. In co-creation, we went from dot on the horizon to concrete plans that the team can immediately start working on.


Published on
May 4th 2020

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