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Historical Gelderland put on the tourist map

If you ask which icons represent the cultural-historical tourist heritage of the Gelderland regions, you will soon come across Romans, Castles, Hanseatic cities, World War II and the Veluwe. This is not only rich in history but also offers a lot to enjoy 'anno now' from a tourist point of view. But how do you ensure that our southern and eastern neighbors are also immersed in all these stories and do not drive on to Amsterdam or the coast? Exactly the challenge you can wake us up for!

An umbrella communication concept for various target groups and initiators

The Netherlands Open Air Museum, Heritage Gelderland and RBT-KAN asked us to come up with an overarching communication concept to put historic Gelderland on the tourist map for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Communication had to unite a number of conditions: For example, the historical story of Gelderland was a leading element, and the five icons had to play a clear role: the Hanseatic cities, Castles, WWII, the Veluwe and the Romans. In addition, there had to be sufficient bandwidth to inspire the various target groups (day-trippers, culture-loving people and getting-away-with-the-family). And finally, the campaign had to offer the various initiators a stage.

A means-free communication concept: The story of Gelderland

We have developed a means-free communication concept with which all parties could continue individually and which could tie in with current campaigns. The concept that we have developed 'The Story of Gelderland' is the story you experience as a visitor and the story you come home with. The headlines have been playfully formulated as a 'strong story'. The expressions always have an icon as a starting point, which is combined with an activity, an attraction or an offer. For example, we aim for a wow feeling: 'that you can experience all that at once!'

In the image, we always connect past and present. We also developed a brand book in which we mainly set down the tone of voice and visual language and a toolkit with which all parties involved and their communication specialists could roll out and further develop the campaign themselves.

also look at Khan for Kids about organizing an exhibition with all target groups in view.

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to April 10, 2018

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Ellen Snoep, project manager Gelderse streken about Branddoctors:

Branddoctors has guided us very adequately to turn a large story with many objectives into a concrete direction and concept. Strong in this was the idea for the five icons as pillars of the province and of communication. What was also an eye-opener was the qualitative research among the target groups in Flanders and Germany. You think you know about it, but attending such a group gives you a lot of new information.

Senior art director

Lisette van Elst


Bianca van Zwol