Greenwheels - A car for everyone

Visualized brand positioning in which Greenwheels serves old and new users

Greenwheels wants with the new brand strategy building on the DNA of the brand, with a positioning that reflects the spirit of the times, in which Greenwheels wants to take customers to a new type of mobility with a unique proposition. Equipped with a new, fresh visual identity.

A car for everyone

We developed a new one in collaboration with the Greenwheels team positioning and brand strategy, summarized in the new pay-off: 'A car for everyone'. A new visual identity was also developed in co-creation with the target group. Branddoctors also conducted the Art Direction on the creative strategy, in close collaboration with agency Het Echte Werk. A good example of how effective parallel co-creation of strategic content and design can be!

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to April 1, 2017

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Andrew Berkhout, Managing Director Greenwheels about Branddoctors:

We were looking for a party that could lay the foundation with us for a healthy future. Our brand is central to this. We did not think that a written brand positioning was enough; we wanted to see this translated quickly and specifically into a new logo and corporate identity. The bar was set high! Branddoctors understood our desire for speed and pragmatics, but also managed to keep the quality high throughout the process. ”

Partner, Strategist

Peter van der Schouw

Senior art director

Lisette van Elst