In 3 sprints and a Meet-up towards a clear insight for Heineken

Heineken has developed 'The Heineken Beer Credit Program'. With Biertegoed App you always have 'a beer in your pocket'. You can redeem a freshly tapped Heineken at the participating hospitality companies.

The consumer from the sofa to the bar stool

Consumers receive Beer credit codes when purchasing Heineken in the supermarket. By upgrading the code in the Biertegoed App, you always have 'a beer in your pocket' and you can redeem a freshly pulled Heineken at the participating catering establishments.

Heineken is trying to get the consumer from bank to bar stool. The communication regarding Heineken Beer Credit has been consistent so far and focused on explaining the mechanism. Functional. We see that reflected in the results: Consumers know how to use the App and conversion to the hospitality industry is ongoing.

In the next phase, cashing in Beer credit must be further optimized to increase the already existing success. Heineken asked Branddoctors to help investigate the drivers and barriers of the Biertegoed user.

Co-creation with the end user

3 sprints ending with a Meet-up with Heineken and Biertegoed users

Branddoctors organized the 'Heineken Beer Credit Meet-up' in September at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. Branddoctors brought the full for this Customer Journey map of the Biertegoed program on the basis of in-depth interviews with various frequent and less frequent Biertegoed users.

During the Meet-up, 35 Biertegoed users, 3 Mediabureaus and the Heineken Biertegoed team came together to co-create with each other under the guidance of Branddoctors. Together they came up with an 5 concept that inspires the Heineken Beer credit program and helps to make the program even more relevant.

Insight into users: the drivers and barriers to using the Biertegoed App

During this process, Heineken gained insight into the Biertegoed users and the drivers and barriers that this target group experiences in the use of Biertegoed App. The Meet-up resulted in an energetic and inspiring meeting between Heineken and its users, in which the participants felt heard and appreciated.

*** UPDATE ***
Heineken Beer Credit was discontinued in 2019 by Heineken. "After three years we will stop with the Heineken Beer Credit program, Says Lisa van der Heijden (spokesman Heineken) On. "It has been successful for a long time, good results have been achieved and we have also learned a lot. However, we see that the program today is less suited to the needs of our catering customers and their guests. That is why we will stop this promotion on 1 January 2020. Until then, consumers can redeem their Beer Credit. "

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Published on
January 23 2019

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Jasper Melchers (Consumer & Market Intelligence Manager Heineken) about Branddoctors:

I thought it was really cool to be present at the meetup. You can see how valuable it is to sit down with the consumer and hear them talk about the program and the Heineken brand itself.

At the table it was nice to hear that many of our assumptions were confirmed, but also to hear new things that we can prioritize. We were also very impressed by the pitches given by the consumer groups at the end with their recommendations for Heineken.

It was a successful evening!

Managing partner

Gijsbert Croes

Art director

Karin Vreeswijk