Which new services fit well with the future vision of iDEAL? H.oe are the different services related? 

iDEAL has an impressive resume. The merk was made 15 years ago geïn introduced and grew steadily year after year. Meanwhile iDEAL
undisputed market leader the field of online paymentswith about 865 million transactions per year, worth roughly 70 billion euros.
Moreover iDEAL vaccording to Emerce ook best rated online for years payment method [I]. Also stands iDEAL ranked fourth on the 2019 Best Business Services List in the MT top 1000 [. An honor to be so'n big en nice brand to get started! 

We know iDEAL as online payment option in addition to, for example, oentertain and the credit card. In recent years there have been new services developed, such as recently 'iDEAL Schedule 'trueat the consumer can determine the payment date himself. And of course it doesn't stop there, because the competitor is lurkingThe pace of internationalization and technological developments is high.  

Then the irrevocable question arises: Which new services fit well with the future vision of iDEAL, and how are theie different services together?  

Rob Hoitink, Senior Product Owner iDEAL"A lot of work has been done on the brand and we are constantly looking at which new services and adjustments can or cannot strengthen the brand."

Loes Romeijnders, Communication Advisor iDEAL:“With so many different stakeholders, there has been a lot of discussion between all parties involved, including all banks. Everyone has an opinion about the brand and appearance. Ultimately, however, it is all about what is important to the user. I therefore wanted a coat rack that clearly showed at the outset: this is possible and this is not possible. ”

Branddoctors is by using iDEAL wanted om to assist at a brand strategy that offers scope for innovative services (extensions) under the existing brand. And to subtle the visual identity of iDEAL to fit so these comes along with the time. It must be visible to the outside world that iDEAL is under development, which should further strengthen iDEAL's position in the online payment market. 

The result: A new brand strategy and one restyled logo 

To work! We conducted interviews with internal and external stakeholders about the brands, de strategy en innovations. We tested logos, names en extensions extended to consumers. In a series of workshops and so-called “kitchen reviews ”we made the important decisions along with it iDEAL-team.

This resulted in a modified brand strategy with a clear assessment framework for new innovations. It also led to a restyled logo in which the visual design of the extensions was also considered.

Old versus new iDeal logo

"theDEAL benefited greatly from Branddoctors. We have been able to take a bigger step in the brand. How do we think about our brand? How will we deal with new developments in the future? We have a clear brand framework and we have a cool restyled logo for all the beautiful extensions! A tangible result. ”

Loes"I am pleased that we have a freshly restyled logo, which is contemporary and matches the image of iDEAL. Because even though iDEAL has been around for 15 years, it is still very innovative, especially when you look at the rest of Europe. ”

The biggest challenge? Vadequate renewal, while remaining recognizable and reliable.  

Loes: "The strength of the brand and the fact that iDEAL is a means of payment makes working on the iDEAL brand even more serious. Adjustments should not affect trust in the brand. ”

Rob: "When we had drawn up the requirements and wishes for the new logo together, I was curious about what was possible within it. I thought it was nice to see that there was as much as possible. It was really successful to maintain the recognisability of iDEAL and still prepare the logo for the next 15 years. ”

We can learn from consumers, still. 

Rob: "We are an organization consisting of payment specialists with a strong opinion. Nevertheless, we want to learn from the consumer. This improves the product and proposition. We learned through the external assessment that the name of one of our new services was not clear. Otherwise we would have gone live with a name that no one would really understand. ”

An external party gets the discussion going  

Loes: “It's nice that an external party is doing this. Then a frank discussion starts. Everyone is given the space to express his or her opinion or ask a question. If you keep it internal, that's more difficult. When there were sensitivities, Branddoctors brought them to the fore. ”

Rob: “It was a very pleasant collaboration, because you brought the expertise we needed. This was done carefully and transparently. It is nice if you are guided in making choices. We brought in the knowledge of our brand ourselves and you poured it into a workable brand framework. It is valuable to understand how flexible the brand is and what does and does not fit with it. ”

Next step? We celebrate onze 15e year birthday with a beautiful restyled soon! 

Rob: "October 27, 2020 we celebrated our 15th anniversary with an online event. We also presented the new logo there. We have a clear brand framework and brand portfolio for the future, and we will soon be introducing new extensions under the iDEAL brand. We are well prepared for the next 15 years! ”

Interview met Rob Hoitink, Senior Product Owner iDEAL and Loes Romeijnders, Communication Advisor iDEAL.

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Published on
28 October 2020

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