Case KPN One SME: Unified Communications made relevant for SMEs

KPN One SME: Made Unified Communications relevant for SMEs

Unified Communications stands for the technical integration of all forms of communication. Not only a buzzword, but also an important development in the world of ICT. But how does KPN make that relevant for a business target group?

KPN ONE is the manifestation of this for the SME market. Together with KPN and in co-creation with the business customer, we formulated a central idea: simplicity. This is reflected in the word ONE. It concerns one contract, one help desk, one invoice and one portal for the administrator.

“With KPN ONE SME Internet you are always and safe online thanks to an extra layer of protection on your internet connection and excellent Service Levels. This protects you against malware, ransomware and viruses on unsafe websites. Any malfunctions are also resolved within 8 office hours as standard. That way you are always in business. ”

Simplicity as an organizational principle for KPN

Partly as a result of this project, the concept of simplicity has also developed within KPN into a guiding organizational principle. After introduction to the SME market, the ONE is proposition in a follow-up step, again in collaboration with Branddoctors, broadened to the large business market.

A happy customer

Wouter van Dijk, Senior Market Research KPN Business Market on Brand Doctors:

“They really feel they are problem owners of the challenges we face and do not rest until results are achieved. ”

“What I appreciate so much about working with Branddoctors is that they now have a great deal of knowledge of the ICT market and the dynamics within it. Partly because of this, they are able to effectively get to the core of the issues we put before them. They really feel they are problem owners of the challenges we face and do not rest until results are achieved. For me, Branddoctors stands for proven quality. ”


Published on
May 22th 2020

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