Case: A larger and more rural audience, the logical choice for a day out.

Brand positioning of the Dutch Open Air Museum in which the history of the Netherlands comes alive

The museum was commissioned by the government to familiarize the general public with the highlights of the history of the Netherlands, in a way that fits in with the times and the identity of the museum. The museum wants to become a logical consideration for a larger and more rural audience when choosing a day out. This led to the need to create a new positioning and brand identity.

In the mind of the future visitor

First of all, we developed a new positioning together with the Open Air Museum. For the interpretation of this, we crawled into the mind of future visitors with future journeys. The discoveries we made have led to structural adjustments in the design of the new Entrance Pavilion and the adjacent exhibition spaces.

The positioning visible at the right times

With a touchpoint analysis we looked at which points in the park the positioning can best be brought across the stage. The advertising agency followed 1 on 1; this is how positioning and house style development went hand in hand.

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Published on
22 August 2017

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