NS interview Matthijs Westers

Improve the Customer Journey for freelancers and small business customers of NS

My primary goal as a segment marketer is to recruit new business customers for NS and to have customers travel more often with our NS Business Card. And I try to do that as well as possible every day.

In our collaboration with Branddoctors, we strive to not only do things well, but above all to do the right things.

Hang over the market

Giving an example; we can develop a wonderful online acquisition campaign with the aim of attracting a large number of freelancers. But if visitors then end up on a website where they cannot find an answer to their questions in a simple way, then it naturally stops. Within the Marketing Business department there is a strong focus on developing campaigns to attract new customers and to make people travel more often by public transport. Quite a lot focused on action. During the projects that we do with Branddoctors, we actually step out of this daily practice and we hang over the market, as it were, and see what the right things are that really make the difference for the customer.

Working with Branddoctors is also fun!

Mapping the customer journey for freelancers and small business customers has in my sense yielded many new insights; where are the bottlenecks and where can we improve? As a result, we are now much better able to determine what is really important and what you can really make a difference with.

I think typical of working with Branddoctors is the informal way of working in which fun is also very important. People are really enthusiastic about working with Branddoctors and indicate that they really get new fresh energy. Afterwards I often hear: 'This was really great, what opportunities I suddenly see'. I actually think that Branddoctor's trajectories are one of the most fun trajectories I've done since I started working here. And certainly one of the most valuable. "

Prototyping makes it alive and concrete

Visualizing a journey, as Branddoctors has done, is very important. I can tell you which insights we have received, but such a record really makes it alive and concrete. If I want to take people to change things, it helps to get my message across. That we first come up with ideas together with Branddoctors and then really make them alive through a prototype, which helps to make ideas more concrete, to bring the idea further into the organization so that you can get started with it faster and achieve results.

The challenge is to make prototypes that are not too difficult to implement, but have a lot of impact. I think Branddoctors could be of even more added value if they help me to get things moving internally. Summarizing a 3-month project in 10 minutes is of course also my role, but yes, your Brand Doctors are also good at telling stories. So if they make a 1,5-minute summary of each project, the story can really start traveling. Yes, that would help me yes!

Matthijs Westers, Marketeer ZZP Segment and Small Business NS

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Published on
1 July 2017

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