NS group return

Proposition development with the NS: getting car users invaded by co-creation into the train

This fact yielded the ambitious goal of enticing entrenched car users to use the train. This requires a relevant proposition that offers an appealing customer benefit, and which furthermore credibly underlines that traveling by train is greener.

Respond to the group feeling

Branddoctors developed a number of these in co-creation with the NS team and the target group propositions where finally Group Return came out as the winner. With this proposition, the customer is offered a direct advantage. Moreover, the group feeling is responded to in a creative way. Boarding is allowed at any location in the Netherlands, provided that everyone travels to the same destination.

A special Facebook page was developed by an external party to order the Group return in a fun and easy way. And via the CO2 comparator you can immediately see how green you are.

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Published on
January 1 2017

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Eric Trinthamer, NS spokesperson about Fire Doctors:

In the first five months after introduction, the Group Return was sold more than 40.000 times and 233.000 people made a trip with the Group Return. A minimum of four and a maximum of ten travelers travel together per ticket. “It is very special that 40% of these travelers consciously made the choice for the train instead of the car. This is exactly what NS aims for.

Partner, Strategist

Peter van der Schouw