A new vision for 2025 for NVKC

The Dutch Association for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (NVKC) has been an association / club of benevolent and committed professionals for many years. The association is based on members who mainly want to do it all themselves and very well and accurately. We see that the world around us and the entire healthcare landscape is changing rapidly, which is why it was essential as a professional group to take a critical look at ourselves and our position.

As little jargon and understandable language as possible

Who are we, who do we want to be in 2025, what is our role and what added value do we deliver? In short, what is our vision for 2025?

To be able to answer these questions properly, we needed a look from the outside. A party that can mirror and look critically at us as professionals and uses techniques that are not obvious to us. We have deliberately chosen an agency that is further removed from our specialty. Otherwise you quickly fall into jargon. You want recognition to a certain level, but also distance that really forced us to get to the core and make it understandable for everyone.

“To be able to answer these questions properly, we needed a look from the outside. A party that can mirror and look critically at us as professionals ... ”

Based on experience, we know that Branddoctors can properly guide such a transition and ask the right questions. Mike dared to ask questions in the group discussions that we cannot always dare to ask simply or simply because of our role. He is someone who understands the technical part, but also knows how to crack the critical note. In addition, Branddoctors always looks at the added value for the target group. Which means that you retain added value as a professional group in the future.

Develop a vision that is for everyone

The main point in the process was that the vision to be developed became one of us all. That is why we have carefully formed a group with which we entered several sessions. An average of the association: PhD students, colleagues from general hospitals, the academic centers, some were heads of a department, others were not, educator, a single professor. Deliberately not chosen for people who were already in the movement and saw the change, but also people who had some critical notes.

What everyone had in common was the willingness to invest in the future of the profession. The first ambassadors of the vision were born to further shape the eventual implementation. In a number of interactive sessions, the manifest vision doc 2025 was created through co-creation (T-document).

After the basic idea was established, we approached the main stakeholders for embedding. A kind of 'inner circle' to ask if we really got it. After a green light we continued at full throttle. Then came the first presentation of the T document. The elegant thing about that document is that it is only two A4 pages. For a club that prefers points and commas with a lot of decimal places, that is really a piece of art! There were many discussions and very nice that someone from outside then says: "We must exaggerate because it is being weakened by the world." Brand doctors then really got to the core and kept it short and sweet.

“The elegant thing about that document is that it's just two A4s. For a club that prefers periods and commas with a lot of decimal places, that is really a piece of art! ”

We then developed a film so that everyone, internal and external who was not present at the vision, had access to the vision. In film you can include people in the story. The more conservative members could also see that it is not all new what we do, but especially different. A shift in accents. In the film we also let other professional groups speak to show how they think about this vision and how it is received.

The result: a vision that lasts

Our goal was to make more visible what the clinical chemist / laboratory medicine specialist stands for and what role she plays in healthcare today and tomorrow. Through internal evaluations we get back that people feel that the course has been set and they notice the renewal. That is appreciated. The new growth is actively working on the vision. Hold own sessions with vision vision. During an ambassador's day, we approached people about the role they can play in achieving 2025.

"The vision is not a temporary fad, but a supported movement that energizes many members."

Some members say 'we are already doing this', so there is recognition. The transition of the course is clearly felt on the course, change has been set in motion there too. It is no longer evident that the trainer knows by definition the most: that gives a very nice dynamic. All annual plans are related to the vision document: All elements of the vision are used at all levels, icons are used as topics in magazines.

Significant steps have been taken and there is clear movement, but we are not there yet. The vision document provides guidance and guidance. There is no escaping it, it is such a powerful document and embedded in such a way that we are also about to occasionally criticize people who initially thought it would not go so fast. They find out that the document delivered is not a temporary fad, but a supported movement that gives many members energy and supports them.

Fire doctors keep asking questions, that is their strength

For us, the click with the people was important. And in the collaboration the continuous drive to want to understand. What the material is, what is going on under the skin. That is really distinctive. People who keep asking questions do not settle for answers. How often we have heard 'Explain it to me again' ... Only then will you get to the core and in our case to a vision in clear language on only 2 A4s that will last.

Want to know more?

Make an appointment with Mike Janssen via mike@branddoctors.com or via Ellen: +030.

Published on
13 September 2019

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Healthcare Strategist

Winnie Nijhoff

The NVKC is the scientific professional association of laboratory specialists for clinical chemistry and represents the medical field of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine in its entirety and the specialists who work there. In addition, the NVKC promotes the professional interests that create the necessary preconditions for providing high-quality laboratory diagnostics.

Managing partner

Mike Janssen