You can always fall back on crystal-clear customer insights

A new market for OIM orthopedics

At OIM Orthopedics we have traditionally been very good at fitting and making customized orthopedic instruments, shoes and other aids. We are really known for that. But just like other parties, we see an interesting new development in the orthopedic footwear market.

An innovative solution for a target group that now does something

Health insurers lower rates for high-complex care, the high-complex segment also treats people who could handle light-complex solutions, innovation gradually makes treatment in light-complex segment more possible and customers with light-complex problems know not sure who can help them and end up with self-care solutions that often do not help well. If we can respond well to these trends, this could be very attractive to us. In particular, developing an innovative solution for a target group that now does something itself and sees orthopedic companies as dusty and old-fashioned, seems to be a gap in the market.

The needs of the target group were unclear

We then started a project to see how we could reach those people. But we soon ran into not knowing how to figure out the exact needs of people we don't know yet. Tapping into a new target group. How do you do that? What do they want, how do we get everything to the table and, how do you find respondents at all? So then I called in Branddoctors.

Listen blankly and bring out insights

I knew Branddoctors Mixe from my previous employer Menzis. Then I already noticed how good you are in the real world propositional thinking. Listen blank, dive deep into the matter and bring out insights. You speak to so many people that you really know what's going on. And from all those stories you always know exactly the essence. I find that very special, and we will not imitate you. And of course also remain true to that customer perspective throughout the entire process. It just works great. Also because your work makes the discussion easier internally: you can always fall back on crystal clear customer insights.

Very systematic towards a proposition

We first started with a few questions on Branddoctors' online research platform. Let's first see if our topic resonated. They responded well to that. Not immediately representative, but insightful. We also asked those respondents to participate in the further investigation. And then we worked very systematically towards a proposition. Directions tested, ideas prototyped as far as possible and presented to three research groups. We then made very specific choices. Purely based on customer perspective.

An accessible foot center where you always get an honest and clear answer

The winning idea is an accessible foot center for people with foot complaints where you always get an honest and clear answer. We understand that you want to walk in nice shoes, so we take that into account. This foot center must be so effective that people are willing to pay for it themselves. This makes us slightly less dependent on health insurers and at the same time it is very pleasant for customers that we do not approach them from the perspective of care provision and care reimbursement. We just solve their problem well!

The next step is a sound business case to put the center on the market. We determine what is important, what we have to say and what we have to offer to be attractive to these new customers. Partly thanks to Branddoctors, we are again a number of steps further here.

Rob van Willegen, Manager Marketing & Communication at OIM Orthopedics

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Published on
January 21 2016

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