In 3 weeks a positioning, name and visual identity for a rehabilitation clinic

The bar is set high in specialist medical rehabilitation care aimed at chronic pain (and fatigue). In this way, everyone looks holistically and integrally, and the competitors also achieve good to excellent results.

Possibilities, talents, strength and meaning have a prominent place in all programs and the goal is participation, in whatever form.

The balance between what is necessary because it works and what is possible so that it better suits the client

The competitors are good. However, their programs are sometimes somewhat rigid. These do not always match what people find important or nice. There was also an opportunity for the project group with directors of DBC, Symphonie and Revalis: Offering a program with a focus on the balance between what is necessary because it works and what is possible so that it better suits the client. And looking for the edges of what you can and may do. This resulted in the proposition: Liquid with a solid core.

A new name as the basis for the visual identity

With an important meeting as a deadline, we already started developing a name during positioning. The name ORTIUS originated from a brainstorming session with the project group and our creatives.

Ortius is an amalgamation of Ortus which stands for sunrise, a new beginning and Fortis which stands for powerful and strong. This is what is offered to the clients. A new beginning. Perspective. Power to liquefy what is stuck. And because that is different for every person, we do this in a surprising way.

This was the basis for the visual identity: The starting point that everyone is different and so everyone has a different need. The organic shapes of the logo overlap and blend into unique shapes. This symbolizes every person and her needs and that the program is a unique composition. A series of unique color and shape combinations can be used to indicate the diversity of patients and possibilities.

Set up a professional and creative brand in a very short time

We have established a very professional and creative brand in a very short time. This was only possible because all project members were highly dedicated, and there is mutual respect for the knowledge and skills of all individuals in the project team.


Published on
November 22 2017

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Lisette van Elst

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