Which content contributes to influencing behavior? And: how do you make that content?

Validated prototypes for Philips healthcare service

Philips distinguishes itself from other providers of smart personal health solutions by going one step further. Adding content that actually has the purpose to positively influence people's behavior. But: which content contributes to influencing behavior? And: how do you create that content?

Co-creation in 24 hours

Philips Personal HealthIn cooperation with an American partner and CMNTY we developed a US co-creation community especially for Philips personal health. Within 24, the community provides feedback on prototypes that we develop during the day. Based on the feedback, we sharpen and learn along the way. This method not only results in tested content, but also in a set of 'golden rules' with which the next process can start at a higher level.

Importance of storytelling

Without giving away what we have learned, it will be no surprise that you can easily miss out on content. Information that is too obvious, irrelevant, too complicated, or too simple, simply does not arrive.

You also have to tell a story to stay relevant. Surprising. We developed storylines and gamification concepts to keep Personal health exciting and varied.

Collaboration between strategy, creation and community

We dare say that within Branddoctors we have a unique collaboration between strategists, researchers and creatives. As a result, we were able to not only build a successful co-creation community in 3 weeks (which is still running!), But develop unique content in 6 weeks that is a blueprint for a big shift at Philips: From Product to Service Provider.


Published on
January 4 2017

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