Case: Reinier van Arkel. Working to design an ideal client and employee experience.

The redesign of the reception hall and the first meeting for Reinier van Arkel

Reinier van Arkel, provider of psychological and psychiatric care, would like to improve the perception of new patients around the intake process. The imminent renovation of the outpatient clinic in Den Bosch was a good reason to actually get started on improving hospitality and client satisfaction.

Increasing waiting times and a relatively chilly lobby

566 years of history, high-quality assistance and a magnificent building in Den Bosch. But also nationally increasing waiting times and a large and relatively cold reception hall at the outpatient clinic. Reinier van Arkel asked Branddoctors Mixe to guide them in improving the customer experience. And there, where literally and figuratively the first encounter with Reinier van Arkel takes place: the intake process and the reception at the outpatient clinic. How do you shape such a customer process and such space? And how do you make the core values ​​of Reinier van Arkel (involved, inspired and reliable) tangible? In this project we worked together with clients, parents and employees on the design of the new reception hall and the intake process for new clients.

A soft landing after a long run-up

People who end up in mental health care as a client generally have a long history. Often they have had complaints for some time, have been treated before and / or have had to overcome a substantial threshold in order to make the choice to be treated. It is precisely in this phase that these people are often extra vulnerable and benefit from a soft landing and support.

A landing in an organization where not only the people are friendly but also the processes and the space are experienced as friendly. Ideally, all these elements contribute to a positive experience for all clients. An environment where you feel welcome and know the way. Where you can wait for your appointment in peace and privacy or, if you need it more, where you can socialize and distract with a friend or a stranger. The average client does not exist.

An ideal experience for both client and employee

On the basis of in-depth interviews with clients, practitioners and referrers, we mapped out the customer experience regarding the referral, the entrance and the intake in the form of a visual patient journey, in which the needs and dilemmas of clients and also employees are clearly displayed. .

In 2 co-creation sessions we started this patient journey together with clients, parents, employees and an interior architect from the De Twee Snoeken office. We have worked on designing an ideal client and employee experience.

This ideal design consists of:

  1. service concepts to improve the experience of the inflow process. Think of a virtual tour through the outpatient clinic and / or an experience expert who can assist you in the first period.
  2. mood boards and wishes for the spatial experience in the hall, which serve as input for the final design of the hall.
    Both the service concepts and input for the spatial experience have been validated by clients and employees in the form of prototypes and further refined based on the feedback.

Through this approach, Reinier van Arkel has made the opinions and input of clients, relatives and employees really decisive for the final redesign of the reception hall and the inflow processes. Which ultimately not only yielded a good design, based on the right wishes and needs, but also a supported design, by involving the right stakeholders intensively in the creation of the design.

See also: The case for AMC & Cordaan: the WijkKliniek about the project during a 3-week sprint project in which we deepened the concept of the Neighborhood Clinic together with Cordaan. The aim was to make the concept more tangible and relevant through co-creation with patients, family and healthcare professionals.


Published on
January 22 2019

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