Case ROC Midden Nederland: The attractive route for VMBO 4 and HAVO 4

ROC Midden Nederland: MBO as an attractive route to HBO for VMBO 4 and HAVO 4 students.

How do you attract HAVO 4 and VMBO-TL 4 students to an MBO program, while they are more inclined to opt for further education at HAVO or HBO? With which message do you attract this target group, what should the offer look like and does it help to introduce a separate label for this group? That was the question from ROC Midden Nederland to Branddoctors.

Into the classroom

It starts with really understanding what is going on within the target group and what is important to them. We stepped into the classroom and literally into the world of these students. How do they prepare for the next step, what are their ambitions, and what is their picture of MBO programs, MBO schools and ROC Midden Nederland?

Compete with HAVO and HBO

HAVO or HBO are usually the first choice for these students. Because, they prefer to get to college as soon as possible. While one expects to have a better future perspective with this route, the other is a way to postpone the 'career choice'.

The pressure is high to do the highest attainable training. MBO is really plan B. In some cases it is a real shame that MBO is not considered as an option, according to ROC Midden Nederland and the deans. Because they argue, some students flourish in an environment where the profession and the practice-oriented are more central.

"HAVO is the first plan, so I can study family law at HBO, otherwise 2 years of HRM MBO."

If you flourish, you perform better and a route via MBO can be a faster and better route to HBO than via HAVO.

Motivated and goal oriented

Fortunately, offering an accelerated training offer under a separate label makes MBO a much more interesting option for this target group. With such an accelerated training you will quickly reach your goal with more professional knowledge: higher professional education. You will also likely come with people in the classroom who are motivated to learn. The chance that you will successfully get through your education is greater. It was now clear that there should be a separate label. But what do you call such a label and what core message do you use?

“It appeals to me much more than just MBO. Perhaps there is more attention for you that you want to do higher vocational education after secondary vocational education. ”

Mhbo: via mbo to hbo

We experimented online with different names and messages. Ultimately, the name 'mhbo' came out best for the label, with the message 'Via mbo to hbo'. Because, with this you explicitly refer to the ambition to transfer to HBO. ROC Midden Nederland now offers these accelerated courses. Take a look here.

"With Branddoctors you get further"

Nicoline Meijer (director Marketing & Communication ROC Midden Nederland) about Branddoctors:

Working together with Branddoctors means going through a process from A to Z together. Not as a client and contractor, but as partners. Branddoctors stands for quality, creativity and a personal approach. The Branddoctors style is in line with the core values ​​of ROC Midden Nederland: curious (delving into your customer and the target group), enterprising (involving different perspectives and creative thinking) and personal (committed and customized). With Branddoctors you get further.


Published on
May 14th 2020

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