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Rotterdam is the place to be! The city is very popular with tourists from home and abroad, and it is a very popular place to live. Only non-Rotterdammers hardly have a picture of Rotterdam as a residential city. That must change.

From the Rotterdam housing image survey (2018) it appears that non-Rotterdammers have very little image of Rotterdam as a residential city. And that if people already have an image, it is more negative than positive.

Formulating an image ambition

The Municipality of Rotterdam has formulated a housing vision for 2030, which focuses on the growing demand for living in Rotterdam. However, the image of Rotterdam as a residential city was not discussed here.

There was therefore a need from the Municipality of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners to formulate an image ambition: the positive image that we would like people who are not familiar with Rotterdam to have about 10 years of Rotterdam as a residential city. A dot on the horizon that all living partners in Rotterdam can build on together.

Worn by all living partners

To ensure that the story is actually supported by all living partners, they are extensively involved in the process. The image ambition was established on the basis of an analysis of policy and research, a working session with the municipality and housing partners (including housing corporations, estate agents, project developers, construction companies and financial experts) and the sharpening thereof by the Steering Committee for Housing Promotion and the Area Development & Urban Quality Department. .

“We are very satisfied with the way in which Branddoctors has advised us in shaping the process to achieve a solid and widely supported housing image ambition and also with the guidance of the various sessions during this process.

An inspiring story

The Rotterdam housing image ambition: an inspiring story to be able to stick to Rotterdam's DNA, to realize ambitions for the future and to jointly spread a consistent story to the outside world. It is a translation of the Make it Happen philosophy, which will serve as the basis for marketing and communication for the residential city of Rotterdam in the coming years.

With flexibility, a lot of sharpness and a good dose of enthusiasm. I look back on a very exciting journey with a beautiful final destination 🙂 “

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Published on
19 March 2020

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Hidde van Daalen

Partner, Strategist

Claire de Nerée to Babberich

Chantal Mies About Brand Doctors:

“We are very satisfied with the way in which Branddoctors advised us to achieve a solid and widely supported residential image ambition 🙂“