The Learning Network

Brand architecture with which we retain customers within the TLN brand portfolio from the middle school time

Van Dijk Education, the largest supplier of learning materials and associated services in the Netherlands and Belgium, asked for a clear answer brand architecture which does justice on the one hand to the specific circumstances that apply to the various product market combinations and, on the other hand, makes maximum use of synergy so that the whole is more than the sum of its parts and we use the available resources efficiently. In 2016, Van Dijk Education was taken over by TowerBrook. As part of TowerBrook, Van Dijk Education is even better able to give a new impulse to the digitization of education.

The corporate brand as pater familias

Together with the project team, we first developed the name for the corporate brand. This acts as pater familias. We have defined overarching brand values ​​across the brand family and narrowed them down to each market segment. With the visual identity we have brought coherence within the different brands of the family.

A new international name has been chosen: TLN - The Learning Network. A name that puts learning completely central, and which also does justice to the dual network function: TLN is a special network of own brands, and at the same time an open network for collaboration with others.

Each brand has its own target group and communications

In order to serve the different target groups as adequately as possible, we have chosen to allow different brands to exist within the TLN family. For example, with its own website, which can be completely tailored to the expectations of that target group.

By connecting the identity, we increase the chance to retain the customers from their secondary school years and to grow within the TLN brand portfolio. For this we need a common denominator who can address the needs of our customers in every phase of life. Pleasure leads to motivation and motivation leads to success. So pleasure in learning is essential to the success of education. Therefore, learning pleasure should be accessible to all pupils and students. This is how the proposition 'Discover how you can learn with pleasure' came about.

All brands with their own propositions are part of one larger whole

A powerful positioning where all brands have their own proposition can propagate and still be part of a larger whole. Together with the designers of Het Echte Werk, we visualized an identity based on the roots of the brand: selling books.

Books symbolize knowledge and learning. We have used abstracted book spines as building blocks of the TLN identity. Each brand has its own symbol built from these book spines that stands for, for example, deepening, growth or self-development. The symbols together are also greater than the sum of the individual parts: They form a playful pattern that also underlines the positioning: Discover how you can learn with pleasure.

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Published on
May 1th 2017

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Tessel Jarigsma, (former) COO TLN about Branddoctors:

Branddoctors has ensured that we have established a sharp positioning in a short time with a clear brand architecture, which has been translated into a fresh, contemporary house style. What stood out in the collaboration is that Branddoctors gave us the feeling that we were the only client.

Every meeting their involvement, passion and energy were tangible and visible. We have had sharp discussions, but also had a lot of fun. The clear output and the involvement of the entire organization in the project led to the fact that we were able to continue to implement the implementation ourselves. "

Partner, Strategist

Claire de Nerée to Babberich

Partner, Strategist

Heidi Wielens