In 3 weeks together with AMC and Cordaan, deepen the concept of De WijkKliniek

Older patients who end up in a hospital bed and cannot go home after a treatment, but are therefore forced to stay in a hospital bed longer. That must be possible! The AMC and healthcare provider Cordaan are starting De WijkKliniek in Amsterdam-Zuid-Oost.

This is one of the first places where care for vulnerable elderly people is set up in this way. Fire Doctors Mixe gives shape to the 'De WijkKliniek' concept. Why would you want to go here as an older person? What is the cooperation between the different parties: who does what, when and why? How can De WijkKliniek contribute to a pleasant recovery.

For vulnerable elderly

The AMC and healthcare provider Cordaan are starting De WijkKliniek in Amsterdam-Zuid-Oost. This hospital is aimed at elderly patients who cannot go home after treatment at the hospital and are forced to stay in a hospital bed longer. Where the hospital focuses more on medical procedures, De WijkKliniek offers a different environment where patients are encouraged to move. This is one of the first places where care for vulnerable elderly people is set up in this way. The Neighborhood Clinic has 2018 hair in June doors opened.

Three weeks of sprinting

During a 3-week sprint project, Branddoctors Mixe, together with the AMC and Cordaan, deepened the concept of De WijkKliniek. The aim was to make it more tangible and relevant through co-creation with patients, family and healthcare professionals.

Various disciplines and interests were represented in the project team: a project leader, researcher, geriatrician, advisor to the Board of Directors, specialist geriatric care provider, emergency room nurse, director Cordaan, general practitioner, district nurse and location manager. A multidisciplinary team was also involved from Branddoctors Mixe: a strategist, a researcher and a creative. During the process, input and feedback from patients were also regularly requested.

Making of De WijkKliniek

Our 'Making of' video gives a short impression of what we have done together during these 3 weeks.

Why this approach?

  • Fast lead time. It's not called sprinting for nothing ;-). That requires a lot of input from all involved, but at the same time you see immediate results in a relatively short time. This inspires and motivates to continue quickly.
  • We do it together. You don't sprint on your own, we also talk very quickly in 'we' form. We Branddoctors were also De WijkKliniek for 3 weeks. Because of this everyone is involved and everyone feels heard. In this way we create a very pleasant working atmosphere.
  • Noses in the same direction. The collaboration is incredibly intensive, precisely because we do so much together in a short time. The team also get to know each other well. You start with different visions and interests, but ultimately all noses point in the same direction and we have something that we all really support, namely that which is best for the patient.
  • A good start is half the work. At the end of the project, the internal compass (what do we stand for) and the external signboard (how do we communicate this to the outside world) of De WijkKliniek are recorded. This forms an essential and solid basis for the further implementation of the concept.

Make customer value concrete

Already in the second sprint we started to materialize the brand positioning. Translating the brand into the desired customer experience. And what the final service will look like, including clearly defined roles of the different care providers.

This concrete translation helped in the conversations with the health insurer, because it was very easy to provide insight into what makes the neighborhood clinic so unique. And it also led to the fact that almost the entire staffing was complete before the opening date. Unique in these times of scarcity in specialized nursing staff.

See also: The case for ETZ: Positioning campaign about the route for the new positioning of two hospitals that are merging. What are we going to promise the patient? Together with colleagues, patients, general practitioners and insurers we have chosen a positioning with a matching communication concept.

Want to know more?

Make an appointment with Mike Janssen via or through our assistant Ellen: 030-6026000.

Published on
1 September 2017

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