Zoover Brand positioning

Positioning shift for Zoover: From holiday checker to decision aid

Zoover was the first holiday review site in the Netherlands and from the start offered its visitors the opportunity to see what other holiday makers really thought of the accommodation that seemed so beautiful on the picture. In a rapidly changing travel market, Zoover felt a need for new relevance and a rejuvenation of the target group.

An online Brand Book as a handle to bring the brand to life

A new brand positioning Zoover has been designed using the Brand Cube, Branddoctor's model to determine positioning. So far the movement is going from holiday checker to decision aid. This positioning has been elaborated by Branddoctors and translated for employees into an inspiring book as a handle to bring the brand to life: an online Brand Book. It explains the new essence of the brand in words and images with a brand manifesto, customer insights, the promise and the brand values.

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Published on
January 1 2017

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Mark Linde, Head of Marketing at Zoover Media BV about Branddoctors:

We have worked intensively with Branddoctors. Together we found the right pieces of the puzzle and pushed them together to achieve a correct positioning with a lot of ambition, which makes us and our customers enthusiastic. The results of the project gave us input for the new campaign and the development of new products.


Bianca van Zwol