After a successful brand positioning process at Zuyderland the question arose: what next? Developing a brand positioning is one. Making a care organization of nearly 10.000 people enthusiastic to go in a new direction together and make it their own is something completely different.

That is why we are working with a working group from Zuyderland started with an implementation process. One of the tools that we have used to get employees at all levels of the organization to work with it is the toolkit.

The Toolkit: teaching methods to get you started

We developed a physical toolkit for Zuyderland with different map sets, worksheets, woobies® and post-its. One for each department. The aim was to enable Zuyderlanders to work with the positioning themselves or together with colleagues in an interactive manner, to uncover existing patterns and to move (together) to new behavior.

We therefore made three types of card sets, each with their own purpose:

  • Introducing the new positioning (what does this mean for me?)
  • Translate from positioning to service (what does this mean for my patients and clients?)
  • Development of personal leadership (what does this mean for my behavior?)

We have developed an instructional film to help employees on their way.

Got inspired?

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Published on
May 17th 2020

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