We are the Culture and Leisure team. Also known under our name: team Soulbusiness. We love issues with a soul. An authentic and own heart that binds organizations in culture and leisure. We help organizations with strategic marketing solutions to bring their offer across the stage.

From our interest and enthusiasm with the sectors, we help establish the optimum connection with guests and visitors. Offering an unforgettable experience is ultimately what matters. Every day you enrich people with collections, overnight stays, exhibitions, activities, seminars, events and performances, how you ensure that even more people can experience this. Branddoctors develops the answer together with you and your target group and makes it tangible. Not over and over abstract but to the point and directly applicable in the organization.

Let your guests and visitors reflect, relax and inspire because you have the customer journey in order, propagate your brand from the origin of your company, we help you realize it. With a clear helicopter view we link your knowledge and experience to ours. We use our curiosity, test panels, insights into trends and our possibilities to prototype concepts and products.
With which questions did we start working earlier?

1) How can I define my brand identity so that our organization offers space and space for the future?
2) How can I optimize the ideal customer journey so that there is a longer connection with our visitors and guests.
3) Can I develop an exhibition together with the visitor? So that it really matches the wishes and needs of the target group.
4) How can I grow to an 9 + experience as an organization?
5) How can I make my employees think and act in line with the brand?
6) How do I keep my head above water as a relatively small organization?
7) How do I give a new label hands and feet?

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Prototype the museum, the hotel room, your bungalow or your event

Successful innovation starts with looking up your target group at an early stage. In short iteration succeed you develop new products and services together. In this way you will not find out late that, for example, the approach of your exhibition does not fit in optimally or that the routing in your hotel could have been much better suited to the logic of the guest. By means of online and offline prototypes you make the content and questions tangible and you receive an immediate response. And you continue to develop based on the results. And the first ambassadors are created!

Children's council

A fresh look does wonders! Co-create with our Branddoctors Children's Council your exhibition, event or hotel room. Their curious view and honest, unsalted opinion will help you on your way. Moreover, we immediately make it tangible so that it does not stay with ideas, but immediately gets hands and feet. The Council consists of a flexible composition of girls and boys from 6 up to and including 18 years.

Future customer journeys

With customer journeys you often think of existing situations and improve them, but how effective is it to forge the customer journey at the start of new projects. A hotel under construction, a redesign of a museum, we take on the role of your guests and depict their visit step by step. A low handrail for children to accommodate concerned parents, a separate desk for your business groups to prevent mixing with students, a step at the reception so that the children can also watch with their parents, a meeting point with a children's game on the floor so that kids won't get bored and fly in all directions or an experience path after the checkout so that the day out can really start well. We make it clear and come up with concrete solutions that we can also validate. You will be amazed how much a glance in the future can bring you!

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